What’s allowed and what’s not?

We want to make sure this convention is fun for everyone, so the rules will be few but nevertheless present.


1) Anyone in a costume with a valid Anime Mini pass may participate. All Anime Mini costume and prop rules apply—no exceptions for the contest!

2) There are two prizes available:

  • Audience Favorite is based on a small onstage interview about the character or costume by our MC. It is chosen by the audience’s votes. All costumes, including fully purchased, are eligible for this prize. Stage behavior must be family friendly—no vulgar or offensive language or gestures are permitted.
  • Best Put Together is chosen by our craftsmanship judges. Costumes can be handmade, thrifted, or otherwise assembled from purchased items with modifications. Costumes made entirely by someone else, or bought as a full set are not eligible for this award. Reference images are not required but highly recommended. We don’t need to keep them—showing us an image on your phone is fine.

3) Anyone wishing to compete for either prize must register with the judges at the stated time. Contestants will line up at the back left (viewing out from the stage) of the auditorium and be called one at a time for pre-judging in the entryway.

4) All contestants will be given a numbered sticker to display on their costume for the audience vote. Make sure it’s visible!

5) Contestants will meet again in the auditorium fifteen minutes before the audience is seated, this time at the front right (viewing out from the stage) for the Audience Favorite competition. They will be called on stage one at a time for a brief interview about their costume by the MC, and given a chance to pose for the audience.

6) All audience members get one vote for their favorite contestant. The sticker number of their favorite must be written clearly on the given note card. Cards with multiple numbers will not be counted. The results will be collected and tallied by the judges.

7) Dangerous props are not permitted. All props must be a reasonable size and weight. All props will be reviewed by staff. Approved props will receive a small sticker. If your cosplay requires a prop, we recommend using light weight, non-metallic materials.

8) Near full nudity or complete nudity is not allowed, as this is a PG-13 event. Please make sure your private areas are decently covered. We will use our judgment at our own discretion. Please use the same common sense you would at any other public cosplay event.



1) Please refrain from being disruptive by yelling or blocking the walking areas. The new venue will provide us with a larger space but it still may be shared with other closed off events or hotel guests.

2) Please be respectful to Anime Mini Staff members and The Ramada Hotel and Conference Center staff. The con staff and hotel staff will be working together to host this event and we must follow both the con’s rules and any rules laid out by the hotel.


1) No full meals are allowed to be prepared and served at our new location as the hotel has it’s own restaurant that will prepare and serve full meals. However, small snacks and drinks (i.e. things like pocky or ramune) can still be served by dealers.