Get Involved

Help us Out!

If you are as eager to get involved with the local anime community as we are, we could use your help! We have many little things we need to get accomplished, such as checking for badges, answering questions, making sure cosplay weapons are safe and even driving around outside the convention in case we need something we don’t have! If you want the bragging rights for being one of the first volunteers at our growing convention, fill out an application from the link below!

Become a Volunteer

What’s a Convention Without Panels?

Anime Mini may be scaled down in every way, but we made sure there would be room for a little of everything. There will be one panel area with multimedia cables for VGA or HDMI. We will have a large TV or projector available for you to use. There will also be a stereo audio cable for a standard headphone jack, which hooks up to a nice set of speakers with a sub-woofer. There will be enough seating to accommodate at least twelve people or more. Anime Mini is a PG-13 event, so we must ask you to keep your content within this rating. If you want to leave your mark on the next Anime Mini, apply by clicking the link below!

Apply for a Panel

Dealers & Artists

Have stuff to sell? Come to Anime Mini! We will provide one 8′ x 8′ square of floor space to each vendor in the dealers room. One vendor may decide to purchase more than one space at a time, if extra space is needed. Each 8′ x 8′ space will be $30 for the day. We can optionally provide any number of 8′ rectangular tables as well as folding chairs for no extra charge. If you’re interested, fill out a form from the link below!

Apply for a Table