Check Out the New HALL OF FAME Page!

Take a look at the past winners of our events and enter the next ones to win your spot in Anime Mini’s official Hall of Fame!

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Cosplay Contest

You simply cannot forget the cosplay contest, what’s an anime convention without it? We’ve heard your suggestions and have made the cosplay competition completely free! Stay tuned for this year’s judges of the contest and more information on the prizes for winners! We can’t wait to see those awesome cosplays! (Please check here for rules on the competition)


Smash Bros Tournament Winner - Brian Jarosh (far right)

Smash Bros. Tournament

New challenger approaching! If the cosplay competition isn’t your thing, check out the Super Smash Bros. Tournament for a competition unlike the rest. Compare your moves with other gamers and show us what you’ve got! Heads up for more information regarding this season’s tournament.


Trading Card Tournament

If you haven’t cast your vote yet, go to the home page to vote for your favorite trading card game to be featured at this season’s Anime Mini. We’ll announce the winner before the con so check back for more updates. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get updates on any of those sites!


Panels, Panels, and More Panels!

Don’t forget our lovely panels! These lovely people have volunteered their passion and time to provide content for Anime Mini. Check back for a schedule and descriptions of this season’s fantastic panels!


Dance Party

If you like electronic dance music, you’re going to love the beats we have lined up for you! Prepare to be mesmerized by a night of glowing lights and fast-paced rhythms. The high energy dance party is just what the doctor ordered to end another Anime Mini on a high note! Don’t forget your fancy glow sticks and garb, we’ll see you out there on the dance floor party people!