What Is Anime Mini, Anyway?

Anime Mini is a small anime and Japanese culture convention held in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. What sets it apart from the rest is its small size, its equally small price, and its quarterly occurrence. Every three months, the tiny convention will be held for one day, with the title of the current season and year.

The goal of Anime Mini is not to grow into a convention of huge proportions, pulling in tens of thousands of attendees for each show. We would rather grow in other ways that allow us to maintain a small and affordable size. If our numbers begin to overflow, we may host the convention even more frequently. If we continue to get more popular still, we will branch off and host Anime Mini in different regions.

We understand the importance of staying connected with our fellow anime fans, and we genuinely want to provide this experience for the sake of the community. After each convention, we will make an effort to get feedback from our attendees so we can better understand the good and bad, helping us to decide how we can improve the next one.

We greatly appreciate all who come to participate and enjoy the day with us, and we hope to see you at the next one!

Partners and Sponsors

We take pride in fostering the anime fan community, so it should come as no surprise that we encourage the growth of others who share our vision!  Check out these cool people too!

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Management Staff

Without these crazy people, we’d be nothing! So here’s a shout out about the Anime Mini Staff!

jonJon (aka JD) Founder and Con Chair of Anime Mini

Without Jon, there is no Anime Mini. He has his hands in a little bit of everything here at Anime Mini. Jon is an avid lover of anime, and has visited many other conventions over the years. He is ever grateful for the community’s response to Anime Mini and hopes to make it even better. He’s always floating around the con, so say hi!


Ashley – General Manager

Ashley’s role at Anime Mini has been a little of everything, after all, someone has to keep everyone on track. You will see her rushing around checking on stations, filling in for others, issuing breaks, solving problems, and more. Ashley is the reason that con day runs as smoothly as it does.


Special Thanks to These Lovely Folks!

These people have repeatedly helped us out at Anime Mini and for that they deserve a shout out. (They also deal with a lot of sass from Ashley)

Brydon and Kylie for lifting Anime Mini’s feet off the ground with web and marketing help.

Zack, Matt, Ben and Josh for all your long hours volunteering.

Anna and Stu for filling our game room up with cool stuff, and Jeff for running the video game tournaments.

Feytaline, Brittny and Stephanie for running the cosplay competitions.

Eric, Jim and Jeanie, because without your advice where would we be?