Well folks, you brought Anime Mini all the success we could ask for! We had an absolute blast running the show, we made new friends and networked with a lot of cool people. After months of consideration, we’ve finally come to a decision about the future of Anime Mini. Our goal was to provide a cool place to go as a remedy to post-con blues, and to help the surrounding conventions grow. As it turns out, the northeastern area is so busy with conventions that we have a rough time scheduling any time between them! In other words, there’s no gap here for us to fill. Our Fall show now has an unexpected direct conflict, and has become too much of a financial risk to go through with it. On top of that, we’ve found ourselves hard-pressed to get the immense amount of preparation done, since we all have day-jobs, behind the scenes. This means we will be going on a semi-permanent hiatus until further notice.

The good news is, this community is super active and you won’t find it too difficult to satisfy your convention itch! Click here to see a list of conventions in Pennsylvania, and explore some more in New York, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland.

With more good news, we are actively researching alternatives to an all-out convention as a new business in the Pittsburgh area. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but it will hold
a very similar philosophy to that of Anime Mini, and it will be anime related. Stay tuned to our social media to hear more updates about that.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for being involved! We will fondly look back on all the fun we had and we sincerely hope you feel the same!